On the utter humourlessness of Canadian feminist fellow travellers

Canadian University Suspends Student Team After Racy Photo

The lack of humor, not to say complete dearth of self awareness, by those in charge of the University of Waterloo is evidenced by the fact that University spokesprole Michael Strickland can, without apparent irony, say the following about an attractive female engineering student posing bikini-clad before a car she helped build:

The university’s engineering design centre, where the photo was taken, has rules covering the type of equipment that can be brought in as well as the manner in which it can be used.

The equipment Mr. Strickland objects to is apparently not intellectual, but biological. I thought women wanted to be recognized for the former, rather than characterized by the latter.

The message is we can’t have that sort engineer displaying that sort of equipment. The UoW’s interpretation of what constitutes an independent woman countenances neither elegance in biological design, nor deviation from group thought.

Here’s a thought experiment: Would she would have been suspended for wearing a Burqa? If there is any victim here, it is not the University of Waterloo, even if Mr. Strickland’s paternal reaction would have it so.

UoW goes on to say,

Engineering remains committed to creating experiential learning opportunities where all members of the community can achieve academic success and personal growth.

Yes, so long as such experiential learning implies no challenge to neo-puritan administrators, or the views of the feminist hegemony in the Department of Wymyns StudBroodies. (I can’t figure out how the ‘Y’ in Wymyn crowd has missed that ‘stud’ problem all these years.)

To whom, besides the Mrs. Grundys running the University of Waterloo, is it “inappropriate and denigrating” to be intelligent and attractive, and able to demonstrate both?

I speculate: In Canada’s legislative equivalent to our Tilte IX there is a clause interpreted by UoW as follows: “Because any female engineering student is, ipso facto, more intelligent than any Wymns Broodies student, the playing field must be leveled. No female engineering student is allowed to be physically more attractive than the average of the females majoring in Wymyns Broodies. Aspirations to science and math must be ruthlessly suppressed in females.”

If the Wymyns’ Broodies program at UoW really wanted to do something useful, it might apply its talents in defense of a core tenet of its so called philosophy instead of harrassing a woman who actually has some brain. Unearthing Matriarchy

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