Teddy worse than imagined?

I’m a Powerline fan, but here I think they screwed up the headline:
“The Teddy Files: Even Worse Than You Thought!”,

…and the conclusion:
“However bad you thought Ted Kennedy was, he was worse!”

I do not find it surprising in the least that the “Lion of the Senate” rented an entire brothel for a night. I wouldn’t find it surprising if he’d driven off a Chilean bridge and drowned some young woman there; then ran away from the crime scene and later claimed diplomatic immunity.

No, this tawdry peccadillo does not make me think any less of Ted Kennedy. He did many worse things than temporarily enriching a few Chilean whores.

The English astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington said, “Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.” The same cannot be said of Edward Moore Kennedy’s morality and ethics – and certainly not of the actions based on the the lack thereof.