Axis of Corporatism

Even FDR Understood: No Collective Bargaining for Public Servants

Since public servants work for the people, their wages, benefits, and working conditions are set in accordance with the will of the people, as determined by the democratic process. This is why it is not legitimate to ask the people to compromise with public servants in collective bargaining. And this is why the pay, benefits, and working conditions for federal workers are set by acts of Congress, not through collective bargaining.

Yes, the problem is they (Congresscritters and public service union honchos) think of taxpayers as their servants, not the other way around.

Unions and Medicaid

It’s not that the union position never coincides with the interests of Medicaid beneficiaries–of course they want there to be more beneficiaries, so they’re going to fight to the death against a decline in enrollment. But when it’s between them and the beneficiaries, the unions choose . . . themselves. So if the question is higher reimbursement for home health care aides, the union will always be on the “higher” side, even if that means fewer people get served, or cuts have to be made in other areas, like medical devices.

…[I]t’s going to be a fight between people who want to control the growth of health care costs in order to provide as many services as possible … and workers whose paychecks depend on further growth in health care spending.

Obviously. It should have been one of my examples yesterday.