Please, Mr. Snyder, live up to the expectations you have created.

I emailed this link: State Employee Pay Up 46% Between ’01 and ‘08, to several people as a comment on the coming Michigan budget debate. I received several responses. One of them,

I will be shocked if Snyder does not take this on as a top priority, and that’s not only the wage/benefit/retirement structure but the unions as well.

…prompted this response:

I will be surprised if he does. Joel Ferguson was on M. P. Shiels radio show this AM praising Snyder for his bi-partisanship. It’s a set up.

That said, nothing would please me more than to hear Snyder was going to fight MEA and disband MEDC. I give each equal probability since they are both public/private partnerships. On the one hand, government schools. On the other hand, government businesses. I cannot find where he articulated the principle he will use to separate these things.