BATFE hijinks

TOC has commented on the disingenuity of claims by the President and by the Secretary of State, that 90% of all weapons seized by Mexican authorities in Mexican drug war related busts originated in the United States.  If you don’t already know why that is a lie, read Mexican firepower from April, 2009.

That post also contains a letter I wrote to BATFE inquiring whether any of the guns seized in Mexico, and analyzed by BATFE – the source of POTUS and SECSTATE numbers – had been part of government to government sales. That is, did US government, at any level, sell guns to Mexican government, at any level, which subsequently turned out to be used by drug gangs. I was interested in this because the weapons seized were implied to be fully automatic by Our President and Our Secretary of State, among other US officials who oppose the civil rights protected by the 2nd Amendment. I was sure any such sales would have meticulous recording of serial numbers as a condition of sale, and that BATFE would have this information readily to hand.

Basically, I was wondering whether the governments of Mexico and the United States were responsible for any part of what they both claimed to be a reason to repeal the 2nd Amendment. This was especially interesting regarding automatic weapons, since US citizens are already prohibited from purchasing them. 

I did not receive a satisfactory response from BATFE. Noted here, BATFE camouflage, in June, 2009.

Now, I understand why. BATFE was interested in coerced public/private “partnerships” with Arizona firearm retailers. BATFE wanted semi-automatic weapons sold to people who were suspected not to be citizens.

H/T Of Arms and the Law

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