Two Reasons

“Erin Brockovich” Town Shows No Cancer Cluster
Erin Brokovich is no Rachel Carson. But multiplying Brokovich’s celebrity quotient by her misconception ratio shows she at least equally damaged the reputation of science. Carson convinced the developed countries that condemning millions to suffer and die was good for the planet. Brokovich (through the movie about her) led hundreds of millions to believe a “scientific” conclusion more flawed than Carson’s.

Evil Bush Tax Rates Made Rich Bastards Pay More Taxes!
You would think those who want to tax the “rich” would rejoice when the rich paid more in taxes. They don’t. An old joke Russians tell about themselves offers a clue as to the the motivation of statists in this country.

Boris and Ivan are neighboring farmers, who differ only in that Boris owns a cow and Ivan does not.

Ivan is interviewed by the newspaper, and is asked, “Wouldn’t you like to own a cow like Boris does?”

To which Ivan responds, “No, I want Boris’s cow to die!”