Our first clue should have been that they didn’t name it ‘MichiganWatt’

GlobalWatt Sells Someone Else’s Solar Panels – on eBay 

Saginaw-based GlobalWatt, beneficiary of soon-to-be-former Governor Granholm’s “green jobs” subsidies, has this to say about their solar panels,

“These are Made in India. But they are using very high content of US made material. The cells are from Suniva, from Georgia.”

To be sure, someone should check whether Suniva, Georgia shares a border with Florida or with Russia.  In either case, no manufacturing occurred in Michigan.

I’m all for free trade, and if the Indians can make solar panels that save money for Americans, good for them. What I’m not so much in favor of is subsidizing those Indian manufacturing workers via Michigan tax credits.

I’m also all in favor of creating jobs in Michigan, but by the unsubsidized private sector. Rather than tax credits, let’s just eliminate corporate income tax and pass right to work legislation. I am confident GlobalWatt would be able hire more people under such conditions. Some of them maybe even in manufacturing positions.

Governor Granholm is taking a last kick at the catastrophe by revealing an utter inability to learn. Remember, she’s the Governor who poured money into the “green jobs” ethanol revolution. The favored Michigan companies in that instance are now all bankrupt. Hopefully, we can arrange some damage to federal corporatist ethanol bandits like ADM, too. 

Despite bad reviews of ethanol and an unrequited flirtation with windmills, the Governor thinks she has a clue about THE NEXT BIG THING: How to win the race for jobs

In Michigan, we are trying our own version of this race — focused on the lithium-ion advanced battery for electric cars, a high-tech product previously manufactured almost exclusively in Asia.

We offered irresistible state tax incentives for manufacturers of “advanced energy storage.” We pancaked our state incentives on top of the competitive federal Department of Energy grants to advanced-battery companies and suppliers. We also created robust public-private partnerships.

Next it would be ‘irresistible’ subsidies to some genetic engineering startup who promise to create a goose that lays golden eggs. But, if there are golden eggs, why would anyone need a subsidy?

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