Red flag in Senate district 17

The Conservative Evolution of Randy Richardville
The future majority leader of the Michigan Senate wants his critics to know that he is no liberal

He may want us to know that, and he may not be a liberal. What he is not is a conservative. He’s a “Republican” who favors unionization forced by government

As a recent example, he co-sponsored Senate Bill 731, legislation that would transfer $6.6 million in taxpayer money to the SEIU government employee union. It did it by creating a government “employer” for about 42,000 individuals who are hired by elderly or disabled Medicaid recipients. The Mackinac Center has filed a lawsuit over a similar set- up involving home day care providers.

He wants us to focus on the “big picture” and not on his “voting record from 6 years ago.”

OK, let’s. His SEIU subsidy was introduced in 2009.

In the 2010 election cycle Sen. Richardville was the Republican with the third largest donation total from the MEA.

Sen. Richardville also showed favoritism toward public employee unions by introducing Senate Bill 1072. SB 1072 expanded the number of public safety groups which can go to arbitration in contract disputes involving Public Act 312.

Sen. Richardville cast a vote for corporatism in May of 2010, preventing the owners of a Michigan insurance company from selling their own investment.

I suspect he’ll get along fine with Rick Snyder. I hope I’m wrong about Snyder.

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3 thoughts on “Red flag in Senate district 17”

  1. Newly elected Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, Union Institutions favorite legislator will hurt Michigan. He has higher political aspirations such as governor and or congressman which would be a detriment to the citizens of Michigan. His mother who is vice chair of the Monroe Republican Party since he was first elected as a state representative in 1999 stated that John (So we can control the people) Dingell told her personally that he hopes that Randy takes his seat when he retires. First it's not his seat to take it's the peoples seat!

  2. Randy Richardville is not alone, to be sure. But he is an almost perfect example of what is wrong with the Republican establishment. Is there a great difference between a Republican who uses public office to advance his own interests and a Democrat who does the same? Is there a great difference between a Republican statist and a Democrat statist?Whatever their merit in 1937, unions have ruined Michigan. It is clear that Randy cares nothing about this, so long as these unions will help him advance his career.