Here be dragons

…from the medieval practice of putting sea serpents in blank areas of maps.

Gallup calls today’s long awaited thrashing of the Democrats “Uncharted Territory.” Let’s make sure they are proven correct. Today is the most consequential election of your lifetime.

Don’t get cocky.
Make sure you vote!

Readers of this blog probably already know there is no Michigan Democrat, in any race, for whom you should vote, but just in case there is any confusion regarding non-partisan candidates it’s:

Mary Beth Kelly and Robert Young Jr for Supreme Court. IMPORTANT.

Billie Jo O’Berry for 30th Circuit Court (because Canady is terrible).

On the partisan candidates, exceptions to the GOP are:

Stacey Mathia or Ken Proctor for Governor. (why?)

Libertarians for all State Boards and Regents.  (To provide a baseline.  See ‘why?’, just above).

On propositions:

NO on additional taxation for Ingham County Police Patrols.

NO on Con Con.

Show me the dragons.