NO! To Mark Meadows.

State Representative Mark Meadows (D, East Lansing) is running against Susan McGillicuddy. On November 2nd, vote for McGillicuddy. Or, at least vote against Meadows because of his sponsorship of these 3 bills:

HB 6214
This bill would change the sales tax law so that the free meals supplied to some restaurant employees will become subject to sales tax. Many of these workers earn only minimum wage.

Since the alternative interpretation is that Meadows wants to raise taxes on minimum wage workers, I suspect he thinks of it as a tax on the employers: They’ll just absorb the increase. On the margins, of course, this petty sniping at small business will simply mean a few more people will not be able to find entry level work.

HB 6257
A bill to prohibit Michigan’s Attorney General from bringing suit, or intervening in a suit in a federal court, or a suit in another state or country, unless the Governor asks for it. This would have prevented AG Cox from suing the Federal Government over Obamacare.

HB 5305
A bill to increase the cost of a marriage license from $20 to $40. The proceeds of this tax increase would go to government-sponsored “family counseling services.” Or “don’t have a family” counseling services, as the case may be.

H/T Mackinac Center and Capitol Confidential