From risible to rampageous

Just a little while ago the tea party movement was beneath the notice of the President and merited only derision from the talking heads on MSNBC. Now, we have Chris “Tingly” Matthews ranting about the dangers of probity, a strong work-ethic, self-sufficiency and voluntary co-operation.  Of course, that’s not what he calls it…

If the trapped Chilean miners had subscribed to the tea party’s “every-man-for-himself” philosophy, “they would have been killing each other after about two days.”

One wonders if Mr. Matthews has ever read Animal Farm, or Lord of the Flies. If he did, it seems likely he thinks the common thread is that both novels feature pigs.

Matthews is in line here with the Homeland Security memo warning that possession of a Gadsden Flag or a copy of the Constitution is a yellow flag for domestic terrorism, but when Senator Russ Feingold starts identifying with the tea partiers, and Democrats generally campaign against their own Big Brother policies, perhaps Mr. Matthews should pay attention to the narrative shift.  

His point is the benificence of Big Government in general, of course, not just the Obama regime’s version.  However, as Richard Viguerie points out the tea party ire did not begin with the Tingler-in-Chief.

Tea partiers know fully the failures of Republicans prior to 2009. Republicans who assert — wrongly — that the tea party is merely a reaction to the even-worse conditions under the Obama Democrats aren’t just kidding themselves. They blindly and foolishly remain part of the problem.

The GOP would do well to remember that, even if Chris Matthews cannot.

1 thought on “From risible to rampageous”

  1. Well said.That the mineers did not form into groups, that they ignored class, rank, age, and seniority, that they respected each other as individuals, that they chose their leader based upon merit, and that they prayed together, is what made their ordeal dignified, orderly, safe, and peaceful.