10-10-10 Rally

Beautiful day in Lansing.

Free enterprise.

About 250 people from all over the State attended.

This rally was more overtly partisan than in the past. Speakers running for office have spoken before, but only on the principles of limited government. This time there was electioneering starting with the prayer. Unfortunately.

Opsommer, Schuette, Young, Kelly, Johnson and some local candidates gave stump speeches with a nod toward the 10th Amendment. They all deserve your vote. Still…

I suppose this near an election and with the issues solidified, partisan politicking may be expected – and these were all Michigan or Ingham County candidates. However, the tea party must remember its non-partisan origins.

The pressure has to be kept up on all the statists: Nancy Pelosi, Lindsey Graham, Virg Bernero, Jocelyn Benson and fellow travellers like Joe Schwarz.

We also need to send Rick Snyder a message. On which more later.

4 thoughts on “10-10-10 Rally”

  1. At the end of the day, we do need to select SOMEONE… Cannot blame the electioneering folks at all. Especially if they agree with the Tea Party Principles.Having heard Justice young before, I believe he gets it as good as anyone.Schuette should be the guy for AG, but sometimes seems to be running for guv. Johnson may well have been on the wrong side of an issue or two prior to entering the race, but she is the real deal. Having talked with her personally, I believe she will at least protect vote integrity. that is a good thing.Opsommer ok guy but some votes will haunt him.What would really be nice, would be seeing a Democrat standing up for the 10th amendment.. But wanting to remain alive, I will not continue to hold my breath. They have been bought out by the socialist movement.Yup.. at the end of the day, we must make a decision.

  2. Jason,Well, I'm not sure “we have to select someone” is exactly the case. I'd agree with a different formulation; “someone will be elected.”I don't blame the electioneering folks. They were invited for that purpose. I disagree with the purpose. Let's have speakers to the issue of limited government – WE can figure out which candidates do and do not agree.Electing GOP candidates because they have half a clue is not enough, and while I do not intend that comment to apply to Sunday's speakers, it remains a fact that the GOP is a brand rather than a philosophy. The GOP is Lindsey Graham and Arlen Specter and Paul Ryan and Jim DeMint. It's only the latter two I'm interested in.The speakers on Sunday appear to support the 10th Amendment and will get my vote. Those who do not understand the tea party will not be so sure when they perceive partisan politics at a “tea party” rally. These rallies have previously, and assiduously, avoided giving that impression.I share your desire for a Democrat supporter of the 10th Amendment. We won't see that until there are _no_ GOP candidates of whom it can be said “they don't.” We won't see the elimination of such GOP candidates until we insist the brand does not matter.I'm not saying Sunday was a GOP event, but it could easily have been mistaken for one. No one who attended had their vote switched, and the electioneering may only have supplied ammo to the opposition.

  3. An honest and concise assessment.Would it not have been refreshing to hear a speaker who advocated impeachment of Federal Judges who willfully violate the 10th Amendment?