Message from Delaware

Christine O’Donnell’s Delaware primary victory sent a strong message to the GOP establishment; the establishment we’ve all griped about. It will be on the mind of every pol for the next 2 years. We should endeavor to keep them focused on this message for the next 2 decades.

Yes, an O’Donnell loss could cost the GOP control of the senate next year, but it’s a multi-decade game we can’t win unless we insist on principle. We’ve been gradually losing for decades because we have failed to do that.

The odds seem long for an O’Donnell victory in November, but a year ago, you would have been considered delusional if you suggested the GOP could take back the senate. A year ago, Republican control of the the House was a pipe dream.

The message from Delaware, is: Look out. Look out, Lindsey Graham. Look out, Richard Lugar. Look out, Michael Steele. Look out, Olympia Snowe. Look out, John Dingel. Look out, Barbara Boxer. Look out, Harry Reid.

Given Bob Bennett, Lisa Murkowski, Charlie Crist (Rubio 43, Crist 27, Meek 21) and even Rick Lazio, the GOP establishment should be listening attentively. They’re not. The NRSC and Mike Castle will not support O’Donnell in the general.

That makes it all the more important we do. Simply showing support is a strong message, a better than “establishment wisdom” showing in the general election would be a very strong message and a win would represent seismic shock.

I have made my small contribution to O’Donnell. You may wish to consider doing so also, if you’d like to see a GOP paying attention to principle over pragmatism.

Update, 1:15PM
Changed their minds on that one, anyway:
NRSC Chair Cornyn Commits to Backing O’Donnell