Monumental narcissism

First, read Charles Krauthammer’s The last refuge of a liberal. Then read James Taranto’s Oikophobia.

For confirmation, read Pro-Cordoba House Group Ties Harry Reid And Howard Dean To Muslim Cab Driver Stabbing, at The Huffington Post.  

Now, contemplate the quotes from Michelle and Barack that Krauthammer notes. They told us their belief and their intent.  They put us on notice that the United States would be proven ungovernable if Barack Obama’s leadership proved inadequate.   

Did they have a premonition?  Depending on the issue, 55 to 70+ percent of Americans disagree, in detail, with the enactment of the Obamas’ philosophy as well as the methods of enactment.  

Many people seem to have joined the “bitter gun and religion clingers” demographic the President identified in comments made in San Francisco.  Many of these newcomers must have voted for Barack Obama.  Are they deluded, or just stupid?  Do an overwhelming majority of Americans now justify the First Lady’s charge that this “country is just mean?”  Can she have enjoyed a second moment of her lifetime of being proud of this country since election day 2008?  

The American people must be a great disappointment to both of them.  But, I don’t feel sorry for them: Americans’ reaction is what they both predicted.