I can think of at least one

RTWT:  EEOC Warns Employers: If You Don’t Want to Hire Felons, You Need a Good Reason

I was especially impressed by this bit: “This is, the EEOC says, because blacks and Hispanics are over-represented among felons.”

I have noted that the term “felony” has been pushed to such an extent that it’s often a joke, or should be. I am aware that young inner-city males are more prone to crime and typically have a higher epidermal melanin content than the general population.  I do not see how these facts should affect an employer’s decision to hire in a positive way. 

I mean, I get why the EEOC promulgates this PC stupidity, but the logic they claim to be using to justify it escapes me. 

The felons committed the felonies even if the definition of felony has been over-extended.  This is a problem of the legislature.  

Many of those felonies were committed against fellow high-melanin content persons in the course of drug commerce.  This is a problem of the convicted on both sides of the transaction.

Neither should be a problem of the prospective employer, who, in any case, is legally prohibited by the EEOC from asking the kinds of questions which might otherwise reveal character.

“Over representation” can occur only if the justice system is totally corrupt. That’s what the EEOC is actually saying.