The NRA and Senator Reid

The NRA is waffling conflicted about whether to endorse Senator Harry Reid for re-election.  I have sent the following letter to express my disapproval:

I understand the argument the NRA is making regarding Senate Majority Harry Reid and I reject it as cynical in the utmost. Senator Reid may support the 2nd Amendment, but no one in the Senate has done more to trash the remaining 9 in the Bill of Rights.

I am not a single issue voter and I fear neither Charles Schumer nor Dick Durbin as Majority Leader precisely because I have confidence in candidates like Sharon Angle and in the NRA. Please confirm my confidence in the NRA by rejecting Senator Reid.

If the NRA endorses Harry Reid you will lose me as a member. I will be able to say, “No, I did not belong to any organization which supported the man who called the War on Terror ‘lost,’ jammed the biggest entitlement in history through the Senate using immoral means, denied that any illegal immigrants are employed in Nevada’s construction industry, called George Bush a liar, and can generally only be regarded as a nefarious hyper-partisan liar himself.”

I urge you to endorse Ms Angle. While a non-endorsement is preferable to an endorsement of Senator Reid, it would still cause me to do some serious thinking about my membership.