Partisan deception

Jason Gillman at Michigan Taxes Too Much and also at Right Michigan has almost certainly discovered the identity of one of the dezinformatsiya operatives/candidates of the false flag political cell named Michigan “Tea Party.”  The man, Jason H. Bauer, is an Oakland County Democrat party official.

There is no post on this by Mr. Gillman at either site as I write. I learned about it here. Please visit Mr. Gillman’s sites. It is his story and he deserves the traffic. Both sites linked above are included in TOC’s blogroll.

This new political party, almost certainly set up by Democrats with assistance from a Soros friendly political consulting firm in California, will be an indication on your ballot NOT to vote for the agent whose name appears opposite the false party label.

As mentioned here,  people who support tea party ideas are NOT a political party and do not aspire to be.  The people behind the Michigan Tea Party want to steal the brand while rejecting the ideals.


Update 12:40PM 29-July
Should have read below the fold. See also.