AZ to DC

A letter I would like Governor Brewer to send to President Obama.

Mr. President,

Yesterday you elected to sue the State of Arizona, claiming that our enforcement of an Arizona law will impede Federal enforcement of a nearly identical Federal law.

We are disappointed. We hoped you would welcome the assistance, since the general government has clearly not been up to the task for quite some time. You, sir, have called our law unenforceable. I must presume you have taken your own advice on this matter, since you do not even attempt the enforcement which is your responsibility as head of the Executive Branch of the United States.  One wonders how our unenforceable law can conflict with a law not being enforced.

We are surprised. The suit contains no mention of civil rights violations despite many recent speeches wherein you have subtly impugned over 60% of Americans and over 70% of Arizonans as racists. But you do not charge that Arizona intends to discriminate against any entity – except the general government, and only then where it has proved incompetent. 

We find it ironic. This suit comes while your Justice Department is coming under siege for punting on a voter intimidation case because of the perpetrators’ race.

Sadly, we find it consistent. Your response to the oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico has been characterized by picayune regulation and fawning to special interests. Among other items, I refer to the EPA and Coast Guard interference with skimmers and your personal refusal to offend your union friends by suspending the Jones Act.  Oh, and I already mentioned incompetent.

You cannot think my reference to race gratuitous, since it was your claim against Arizona, though you’ve wisely dropped it; political purpose accomplished. You may, however, object to any comparison with the oil spill. Let me tie it together for you: There is a hole in the seabed in the Gulf. There is a hole in our border with Mexico. Mr. President – Plug the Damn Holes!

With All Due Respect,

Jan Brewer
Governor of the Great State of Arizona