A Letter to Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Graham: Congratulations on the recent glowing articles in Time, The New York Times, and Huffington Post. It seems that with all that, a little criticism from ordinary folks ought roll off your back. But I guess not. We are familiar with your habit of disparaging conservative Republicans like Sharon Angle of Nevada, while praising the likes of President Obama and the late Ted Kennedy. But it is your recent lamentation on the “Tea Party” that rankles.

Have you contemplated just what makes up the object of your scorn? We are ordinary Americans who have worked, saved, nourished our children, paid taxes, and in many cases fought for our families, our freedom, and our country. We have seen our ravenous, corrupt government grow to unimaginable size and power, while trampling on our freedom and confiscating the property of our grandchildren.

You state that we will “die out” because we “don’t have a coherent vision for governing the country”. Neither did George Washington. Yet he fought against tyranny at long odds and with few comforts for seven long years. During the final years of the War of Independence he contemplated virtue. Having long believed that the essence of personal virtue was bravery, he came to understand that the essence of institutional virtue was fiscal responsibility. Can you, Senator, claim your “vision for governing” is virtuous?

Your most gratuitous and fatuous claim is that “Ronald Reagan would have a hard time getting elected as a Republican today.” Ronald Wilson Reagan was our generation’s George Washington. It is to our shame that we did not rise up and more visibly support him when he was being undermined by your beloved New York Times, Time, Tip O’Neill, and Ted Kennedy. If he were to come upon the stage today, we would step off our tractors, turn off our computers, close our tool boxes, take up our children or grandchildren in our arms and go to him at once.