Police states

Police and courts in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Maryland are conspiring to prohibit videotaping of police officers publicly performing their official duties. The intent is to stop citizens from documenting official police behavior under any and all circumstances.

It is incompatible with a free society for police officers to even expect privacy in the conduct of their official duties while on public property, much less to have courts explicitly grant that privilege. It is an outrage that simply recording the public conduct of public officials can attract a felony charge. All that is equally true for private property when the person doing the recording has permission to be there.

It is common for corporations to insist that their employees can have no expectation of privacy while using company equipment, for example, to send email. Some public officials in Illinois, Massachusetts and Maryland seem to have forgotten by whom they are employed.

One must wonder how much jail time these states would have given to those who videotaped the beating of Rodney King.

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