Mothers Day

64% Still Rate Being A Mother As A Woman’s Most Important Role

Thank the Hairy Thunderer or the Cosmic Muffin for that. Some entity more than human deserves credit.


Eighteen percent (18%) disagree, and another 18% aren’t sure.

That first 18% will never agree that biology may not be destiny, but that it is strongly indicative. They will yearn for the creches of Huxley’s Brave New World until parthenogenesis frees them. They will overcome. Babies, of any duration, are parasites from which they must be freed.

Another 18% can be considered amenable to reason. They see that children are the future, or at least cynically recognize that it is children ad infinitum who will pay for our burgeoning ‘social democracy.’

If the latter 18% were told that a man’s most important role is ‘father,’ once -and however- he becomes one, they will then easily resolve their quandary and pick philosophical compatriots based on either the furthering of civilization over barbarism, or the prospect of hedonism and narcissism uber alles.

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