Government Motors – Corporatist Welfare Queen

They lie. Just like Ally Bank, formerly known as GMAC.

These persistent lies do not improve GM’s image. The consistency of the lying is as outrageous as is the government complicity.

Who is the advertising agency? McCann Erickson. McCann Erickson’s historic motto is “Truth Well Told.” Well, that’s the end of that motto. McCann Erickson should be ashamed to let a client commit such a faux pas. The client should be boycotted.

1 thought on “Government Motors – Corporatist Welfare Queen”

  1. Somehow I missed this when it was posted, so I am four weeks tardy. Serendipity.Arizona needs to think about boycotting GM. Let's see how the socialists like boycotts when 6 million people stop buying cars from Government Motors.