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Canadian freedom takes a step forward by allowing a foreign corporation to sell books from Canadian soil. I’ll bet you never thought this had been prohibited, but for Amazon to Open Center in Canada is a big deal:

The decision is the biggest departure yet from Canada’s long-standing policy that “cultural” industries like book and music publishing should be controlled by Canadian companies.

…Canada is trying to position itself as a champion of free trade and open markets…

…Canada also announced last month that it plans to eliminate all tariffs on the import of machinery and other manufacturing parts, making it the first developed country to do so.

Canadians just became a bit more free and, predictably, protected industries are upset about it. Amazon in Canada angers McNally

Support for multi-culturalism apparently has its limits, but the bigger story is elimination of machinery and parts from the tariff list. Good move. The US should follow it.

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  1. This is a big deal.Many folk do not realize how so many things they take for granted here are quite “improper” in Canada..First I learned of the protectionist attitude, was during a camping trip which carries its own troubles.. Anyhow I kept seeing product that looked the same as many of our high profile goods.. but with different names. Apparently certain products have to be repackaged in Canada or some such thing? strange.