The Health Care Game has Morphed.

Of course, it was never about Health Care and it was never about Reform, but “Health Care Reform” has recently morphed into something very much larger than its already large beginnings. “Health Care Reform” was always about two things: government power and political power. If the government can control a person and his family’s access to health care, it can control the person to an unprecedented (in this country) extent. And if the people employed by the health care industry (⅙ of the economy) think and vote like union employees, the Democrats will enjoy enhanced political power.

Hence its importance.

But the utterly incredible unfolding of the struggle by those in power to achieve this dual prize have resulted in “Health Care Reform” now being about two other very big things: corruption and rule of law.

Corruption is always present in government, and the U.S. has been no exception. But the American people’s tolerance for corruption has always been low. And thus the level of corruption has been restrained. The 18th president, Grant, was one of the best presidents in our history. But corruption by people in his 2nd term administration was tied around his neck by the press to such an extent that the common perception of his presidency is mediocre or worse. Other presidents have paid a price for corruption among their ranks even when personally innocent. Jimmy Carter for Bert Lance, LBJ for Bobby Baker, Warren Harding for Teapot Dome, Clinton for Whitewater, and so forth. And when corruption reached the oval office itself, Nixon was forced from office. The American people have not tolerated corruption and the press as a whole has been largely vigilant in reporting it.

Rule of law likewise has broad support among Americans. It is considered fundamental to our identity as a nation. Every president and every member of Congress takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. In the case of Congress, the Constitution is the only matter covered by the oath. Presidents are allowed to disagree with the Constitution, as famously did Woodrow Wilson, but they must obey it. When presidents have tried to get around it, like FDR when he attempted to pack the Supreme Court, they have been slapped down. Nixon and Clinton were slapped even harder.

The level of corruption evidenced in the efforts by President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Reid to buy votes is stunning. The Cornhusker Kickback, the Louisiana Purchase, the Connecticut hospital, the North Dakota bank, the Florida medicare exemption, union handouts, and other vote buying tactics are only the beginning. Federal judgeships and other jobs are being handed out. Members are receiving threats of ethics investigations or worse. And imagine that there is much that we do not even yet know about. Will the press step up? Or will they ignore the means, because they believe in the ends?

But even more sinister is the disregard for the rule of law. Senate rules have been trampled, but that is nothing compared to what is going on in the House. Article I, Section VII of the Constitution has been willfully shredded. It is bad enough that our representatives pass laws without reading them. Now they are about to pass a law without writing it. No one can know what is in the Health Care Reform law because it won’t be written for weeks or months after it becomes “law”. Members have not read the bill, they have not written the bill, but as if that is not bad enough, the Democrats are proposing that it will become law without the House even voting on it.

All this to force into “law” an extremely unpopular grab for power. “Health Care Reform” is now about four things: 1) Government Power, 2) Political Power, 3) Corruption, and 4) Rule of Law.

Nothing less than the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake.

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  1. You covered this, under “government power” but the financial burden will be multiplied by the corruption. The profligacy bears specific mention.We are not just taking away opportunity, we are making our offspring into wage slaves of an expanded _government_ labor union.