Canadian Safety Net

On a Florida beach last evening I struck up a conversation with a fifty something retired Ontario teacher; let’s call him Ian. He shared with me that he likes to pass the winters playing tennis in the sunshine state. The unusually chilly weather prompted him to ask if I knew what the “ice box” of the U.S was? Without waiting for a reply, he informed me that it was International Falls, MN. Turns out he had recently been there.

Seems that in late October, just a few weeks before leaving the frozen tundra, Ian tore a meniscus in his knee. No more tennis until it was repaired. When his doctor informed him that there was a 4-6 month wait, he pleaded that he did not want to miss a whole winter of Florida tennis. No problem says the doc, we can get you into a U.S. hospital right away. Enter International Falls. Our protagonist had his meniscus repaired the very next week in the “ice box” of the U.S. And, according to Ian, the Canadian taxpayers not only paid 100% of the bill, they also picked up the bill for his gas and hotel room.

This Canadian safety net is in danger. Where will Ian go for fast medical service once Obamacare becomes law?

For that matter, where will we go; Cuba?

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