Look out above!

Michigan’s Blueprint for America, by Henry Payne at NRO.

Most Americans are just getting warmed up to the idea of a self-centered chief executive who has divined America’s future as a green economy and is brashly installing the industrial-policy tools to get us there. But we here in Michigan have been living it since Gov. Jennifer Granholm took office in 2003.


You wonder if the Governor was a model for the President. He did pick her for his “economic transition team,” and we’re getting more insight into what the “transition” was supposed to be every day.

As to emulation, Michelle is doing a fair job of reprising Mr. Granholm, too.

2 thoughts on “Look out above!”

  1. I said many times before the election, that to elect that man as President, was doing to the country what has been happening to Michigan for years under Granholm.And yes.. there is a similarity with the first lady/gentleman..