Lame… as the Press Corpse groans testify

It’s Robert Gibbs’ boss who can’t speak in a sixth grade classroom without a teleprompter. It’s Robert Gibbs’ boss who pronounces corpsman as “corpseman,” because the teleprompter didn’t provide a pronunciation guide. It’s Robert Gibbs’ boss who, when the statute of recriminations runs out on blaming George Bush, will take a clue from Flip Wilson and start saying “the teleprompter made me say it.” It’s Robert Gibbs’ boss who has inspired Barack Obama’s Teleprompter’s Blog.

Yet Gibbs is mocking Sarah Palin for writing 5 words on her hand, and he thinks it clever to remind us of the abject failure of hopeychangeiness? What would he have done if she’d used a single index card, accuse her of killing a tree?

It’s hard to understand why he didn’t write “bacon” and “healthcare” on his hand so he could segue into an “Obama would bring it home except for the Republicans” moment. Or he could have written “corps” = “kore,” if he really wanted a laugh.

Palin, on the other hand, has an actual sense of humor about herself.

4 thoughts on “Lame… as the Press Corpse groans testify”

  1. Palin's hand job just shows all of us what kind of dullard we are up against, I have not seen this since junior high. WOW and some call her a leader….please.

  2. Milton, So you're saying all the statist angst about Palin has no justification beyond elitist self-congratulation? You have nothing to worry about then. I suppose this means the vilification will cease. Wouldn't want to encourage her by taking notice.

  3. Simply, puerile. Astonsishing. In trying to understand how he has lasted in this job for a full year, I have concluded it must be the narcissistic trait he shares with his boss. Birds of a feather….