Canada Health care retrospective

The Other Club has written extensively about health care in Canada (see below). So much in fact, that the story earlier this month about Newfoundland Premier (Governor) Danny Williams coming to the United States for heart surgery seemed like same old, same old.

The comparable story, from a US perspective, might be that the Governor of Mississippi went to India for heart surgery.

Premier Williams came here for a heart operation he could not get in Newfoundland. We don’t know if he could have had the operation somewhere else in Canada. Probably he could, but we do know he chose not to.

In any case, he’s been attacked in Canada for this choice. You can see where it might be embarrassing to a culture heavily dependent upon their health care system for a sense of moral superiority.

Williams’ defense? “I did not sign away my right to get the best possible health care for myself when I entered politics.” It’s “my heart, my choice and my health.” Hear, hear.

This seems to be a story worth noting as President Obama unveils his new plan to destroy Premier Williams’ future health care choices. Without the US, where would he have gone?

IAC, thanks to Jason Gillman for pointing this press release out at Americans for Limited Government.

Following are most of the posts from TOC on the topic of Canadian health care, which has been held up to us as a goal. I put them together because TOC has always contended we can learn something from Canada, and most of these posts depend upon Canadian sources.

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