What would an honest man have done?

Senator Ben Nelson (Kleptocrat, Nebraska) is claiming that Majority Leader Harry Reid inserted the “Cornhusker Kickback” into the Health Care “reform” bill and that he, Senator Nelson, did not ask for it. To further refute claims of seeking special privilege for Nebraska, Senator Nelson now says it is merely a “marker” which will be used in the future to expand this specific raid on taxpayers to cover all 50 states.

Senator Nelson is saying he didn’t ask to be bribed, but simply took it when it was offered. Therefore, it isn’t a bribe. And besides, you’ll get yours eventually.

A number of questions arise:

1- Under the expansion to all states theory, why was Nebraska picked as the camel’s nose instead of, say, Michigan?

2- If expanding this particular bribe is part of a long term plot which will dramatically increase health care cost, why did he not insist the CBO produce a new estimate?

3- Without that estimate, how could he claim in his Holiday Bowl television ad that the bill would reduce the deficit?

4- What prevented Senator Nelson from refusing to accept the bribe, or from revealing the implications?

5- Is he so stupid that he thinks no one would ask these questions?

Senator Nelson wants us to believe that accepting a bribe is excused by the fact that it was offered. He then offers the rest of us a chance to share in being bribed with our own money.

Great damage control Ben, now I feel much better about your morals and integrity.