Stay home then

Obama, in a robocall for Coakley this weekend:

“A lot of people don’t even realize there is an election on Tuesday to fill the unexpired term of Ted Kennedy,” Obama says in a robocall that state voters began receiving Friday. “They don’t realize why it’s so important.”

Anyone who did not know there was an election today in Massachusetts should pretend there isn’t one. How could such an ignoramus dare cast a vote?

I guess that’s Obama’s point about his base.

Update- 2:58 PM
Apparently, that last sentence was not as clear a message as it could have been. Let me try again.

The smartest person ever to be President agrees to record a robocall in support of a candidate the White House privately acknowledges to be a hopeless buffoon. A bear of little brain, so to speak.

In the robocall the President urges people, who 3 days before the most exciting, publicized, gripping, contentious, utterly amazing contest in Massachusetts politics in more than a generation don’t even know there is an election, to vote for his candidate. If the election has somehow escaped their attention entirely, Obama still wants them to turn out and vote.

Does the President realize how insulting his assumption about Democrat voters is to Democrat voters? Did he pause to think what it means to this Republic for the President to explicitly urge the uninformed and disinterested to vote?

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