Dingy Harry

Let’s stipulate that former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott’s birthday party comment that the country would have been a better place if segregationist Strom Thurmond had been elected President was racially insensitive. Then let’s admit that current Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s assertion that Barack Obama could win the Presidency because of his “light skin,” and that Obama only affects a “negro dialect” when he needs to, was profoundly cynical.

Reid said Obama could profit from his skin color and his ability to avoid sounding like Al Sharpton as required. Lott said a Thurmond presidency would have been better, overall, than otherwise. Who overtly brought race to the table?

Harry Reid is among the most inept, corrupt and frankly stupid individuals ever to hold federal office. Nevertheless, he gets away with an apology for being misunderstood. How about an apology for implying American voters are racists?