Ben Nelson – Hypocrite, Kleptocrat

Senator Ben Nelson (Kleptocrat, Nebraska) initially withheld his vote for the health care “reform” bill because, he said, he objected to any federal funding of abortion. He was able to change his mind because, he said, modifications to the bill precluded any federal money for abortion.

Coincidentally(?), Nebraska received a special dispensation ensuring Nebraska Medicare payments would be paid by taxpayers in the other 49 states. Nelson says this largesse was forced upon him by the Majority Leader.

We know, then, that Senator Nelson got special treatment for Nebraska – whether he asked for it or not. Did he also achieve his core principle: No mandatory federal funding for abortion?

Apparently not, given the meaning of the words “fungible” and “funding”. Emphasis mine.

The changes allow the federal government to subsidize private insurance plans that cover abortion on demand, to oversee multi-state plans that cover elective abortions, and to empower federal officials to mandate that private health plans cover abortions even if they do not accept subsidized enrollees.

“The abortion-related language violates the principles of the Hyde Amendment by requiring the federal government to pay premiums for private health plans that will cover any or all abortions,” NRLC indicated. “The federal subsidies would be subject to a convoluted bookkeeping requirement, different in detail but similar in kind to the Capps-Waxman accounting scheme that the House of Representatives rejected.”

Right to Life explained that the manager’s amendment requires all enrollees in an abortion-covering plan to make a separate payment into an account that will pay for abortions, but the amendment also contains language [Section 1303 (b)(3)(A) and (b)(3)(B)] that is apparently intended to prevent or discourage any insurer from explaining the use of the surcharge. It says there is nothing in the language to suggest that payment of the abortion charge is optional for any enrollee.

Let’s repeat: “…[T]here is nothing in the language to suggest that payment of the abortion charge is optional for any enrollee.” There’s also nothing to prevent bureaucrats from deciding abortion coverage is a right. There’s nothing there, period.

Presently Mr. Nelson is polling at 30% vs opponents who have not even declared. He won with 64% in 2006. His constituents can recognize a bribe when they see one, and they do not like it.

Well, it is no surprise they don’t like it. Nelson embarrassed Nebraskans by forcing taxpayers in 49 other states to pay for Nebraska’s Medicare, and he agreed the taxpayers of all 50 states will pay for abortion.

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