What would "the system failed" mean?

On an international flight into Detroit, passengers and flight crew were able to restrain a man after his bomb fizzled.

That man has been in a database of those with Islamist terrorist connections for two years. Last month the man’s radical politics and terrorist ties were reported to the American embassy in Nigeria. The report came from a former Nigerian economics minister, who is also the terrorist’s father. The father says that he is “‘surprised’ his son had been allowed to travel after he had reported him to the authorities. Great Britain refused to grant the terrorist a visa as recently as May.

The “no-fly” list is thereby revealed as a joke. Credible warnings about terrorists are not being acted upon.

We have, then, evidence that the Obama Administration had advance knowledge sufficient to have prevented the attempted bombing. Failure to do so abetted an act of terror. I wonder if we’ll hear any comment from those, like disgraced Obama appointee Van Jones, who charged that George Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance? I wonder if anyone will connect the dots to the terrorist attack at Fort Hood? That was predictable, too. Just not by the politically correct individuals charged with preventing it.

Janet Napolitano says “The system worked.” “The system,” then, is to depend on bad detonators and civilian intervention?

You may call it incompetence as …well, not as an excuse, because it is not excusable… but as a way to avoid thinking about the probability that non-enforcement of the no-fly rules and ignoring credible warnings are sins of commission, not omission. This is frightening and it is evil.

It is evil even if it is not intentional.

4 thoughts on “What would "the system failed" mean?”

  1. A little profiling without fear of hurting the feelings of Muslims, or other groups is, and HAS been the solution.. but we won't do it.In a happy little pretend world, the terrorists come from all walks of life. In ours however, there is a predictable source.

  2. Hershblogger, your headline asks a question that should have been asked Madam Secretary by a competent interviewer. Another question I would pose to her is “Do you think that al Qaeda considers you and your department a serious impediment to accomplishing their goals?”

  3. You know, the bar was been set pretty low by this administration when they declared that the stimulus was working just the way that it was planned. I'm guessing that anything less that two exploding mid-air aircraft would be considered success to the group of misfits we have in the White House these days.Let's hope we don't succeed in anything else.