Robotic reassurances

Today the President dragged himself in front of a microphone and managed to haltingly parrot a prosaic check-list focused on locking the barn door behind the horse.

What we all knew last Friday has finally penetrated to the Oval Office.

The jerky cadence and utter lack of passion the President brings to bear after 6 days of preparation is perhaps a more frightening sign even than the “…perfunctory, plodding, bloodless…” (Malkin) and “…horrible desiccated complacency…” (Steyn) of yesterday’s robotic reassurances.

Especially since we found out today that the CIA has been following the BVD-bomber since August and that the American Embassy in Nigeria was warned not once, but thrice. And that 80 Yemenis released from Gitmo are leading the al Qaeda forces there. (That’s where he got the bomb.) And that the terrorist is connected to the same Imam who encouraged the jihadist shooter at Fort Hood.

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1 thought on “Robotic reassurances”

  1. Note the term “systemic failure”. The people responsible did not fail to protect the homeland. The system did. And the system was the creation of Bush.”Its Bush's fault.”