Nearly an A-?

We noted yesterday that Obama awarded himself a “solid B+” for his performance to date. His approval rating is at minus 19, and falling, this week. He was plus 8 as recently as August, at which time the public considered his performance wasn’t worth even a C: How the Public Graded Obama

Handling of the Economy = C-
Handling of Health Care = D
Handling of Foreign Affairs = C

As for the grade the public gave President Obama himself? C-.

He’s down 27 points since that publicly awarded C-.

The man thinks he’s improved to B+ since then? Do we have to add delusional to narcissistic? Note: Should you object to the term “delusional,” remember he told Oprah he deserves an A- if Pelosi & Reid succeed in crippling the American health care system – where he scored a D just 4 months ago.

I don’t think that “grade” means what he thinks it means.