Boxing with Prometheus

On Tuesday, TOC mentioned Prometheus and his punishment by Zeus for giving the secret of fire to Man. The post included a link to a painting of Prometheus having his liver ripped out by a bird of prey. Since Prometheus was a Titan, and immortal, his liver regenerated daily. It was ripped out over and over again.

TOC thinks the person, or persons, who released emails and other information from the East Anglia CRU deserves great credit for trying to ensure humanity can continue the use of Prometheus’ gift.

Now comes Senator Barbara Boxer, who wants to assume Zeus’ role in punishing the Climategate whistle-blower. Boxer: Hackers should face criminal probe over ‘Climategate’

One may ponder whether Prometheus got off easy. He didn’t have to attend even one Senate hearing where he would have to listen to Ms Boxer.

Ms Boxer’s presumption of criminality notwithstanding, I have seen no proof the Climategate emails were liberated by a “hacker,” and I consider it entirely possible it was an inside job, done by a scientist still burdened by scruples. Whoever did this, I wish you eternal escape from Ms Boxer’s sights. If she does catch you, though, remember to call her “Babs.”

IAC, I cannot recall Ms Boxer’s ire being expressed in 2006 when the New York Times published stolen national security secrets (see here and here). (The Times, by the way, is same newspaper that refused to publish Climategate emails because their provenance was spotty.)

In Prometheus’ case the torture ended when Hercules killed the bird. To torture the analogy, perhaps it could be voters in Ms Boxer’s State who play Hercules’ role in this case.

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