Vicarious self-esteem

Posting has been relatively slow of late and will continue to be for awhile. I’m looking for a new career direction and the fall house and yard maintenance impinge.

However, here’s a thought about a recent (Oct. 16-18, 2009) CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll.

“As you may know, the Norwegian Nobel Committee recently awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama. Do you approve or disapprove of that committee’s decision to award the prize to Obama?
Approve 42, Disapprove 56, Unsure 2

“Do you think Obama has accomplished enough so far to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, or don’t you think so?”
Enough 32, Don’t Think So 67, Unsure 1

“Regardless of how you feel about Obama, do you feel proud that a U.S. president won the Nobel Peace Prize, or don’t you feel that way?
Feel Proud 70, Don’t Feel Proud 29, Unsure 1

On average 61.5% of those Americans surveyed think the President did not deserve/should not have received a Nobel Peace Prize. Nonetheless, 70% of those same Americans take pride in the accomplishment. How can you be proud of an award you’ve identified as undeserved? How proud are these people that Dhimmi Carter received it?

Seems like Americans have been well steeped in the leftwing political view of affirmative action narcissistic pride individualistic jingoism unwarranted self-esteem “exceptionalism.”