2 thoughts on “None dare call it capitalism”

  1. Immelt should be ashamed of himself. He is an embarrasment to this country.My wife and I last night were talking about a new electric range. We have a few choices, and one of them is a GE.. which made it a NON choice.When the peacock turned green the first time, I stopped buying GE lightbulbs in favor ofwhatever else I could find.I have sworn off GE until this buffoon is replaced and GE seeks a more “American” profile once again.

  2. From a letter I wrote to GE's Board last spring……”[…] I am calling for Mr. Immelt’s replacement as CEO of GE. His stewardship of shareholder interest over the last five years has been substandard. And earlier this year he vowed to defend both the dividend and the AAA credit rating. With both now gone, so is his credibility.What has happened to NBC news on his watch, while of minor financial impact, is also a stain on his record. It has become a propaganda vehicle for the left. I quit watching it several years ago, have never watched MSNBC, and stating tomorrow will forego CNBC. I am hardly alone. Have you looked at the ratings?With sadness, I am also selling all my […] shares tomorrow morning.Let's follow Jack Welch's rule to fire the lowest performing 5%, and show Mr. Immelt the door. And no parachutes, please. He has been grossly overpaid […] “