23 Skidoo

I have more thoughts on the New York 23rd District House election to be settled tonight than I have time to put into a post.

However, Dede Scozzafava’s endorsement of her putative Democrat opponent tells us the opposition to her candidacy was correct and that the GOP establishment which nominated her is not merely tone deaf, but possibly terminally stupid.

Yes in Dede, they should have realized the tea party and town hall protests meant people are fed up with those who support union thuggery (card check), massive deficits (the stimulus), higher taxes, and pork barrel cynicism (a la Jack Murtha). These were all Scozzafava positions. She was endorsed by ACORN and The Daily Kos.

The zombie Republicans will still vote for Dede, they won’t even know she’s withdrawn. They do not know that she is a DIMWIT (Democrat In Matters Which Impact Them). Lots of voters do, however.

When you hear the talking heads bemoan the loss of the “moderate” wing of the GOP, the coming disaster for Republican electoral prospects because they are being captured by right wing nuts, and the evil intolerance for dissent in the GOP, remember that none of them said anything similar regarding Joe Lieberman in 2006 when he was kicked out of the Democrat Party.

I have repeatedly said I would not bemoan, but cheer, the loss of the GOP as it is presently constituted. If the left, or pseudo-left, think losing that GOP is a problem for libertarians or conservatives, they just don’t get it. They, and by “they” I do not mean simply the Democrats, delude themselves into thinking that seizing control of a morally corrupt system in order to maintain it is “serving the people.” Let them then preside over its decline. I think I’ll decline to participate.

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  1. Among both the elected and appointed in Washington DC, there is not a diffence that matters between Democrats and most Republicans. They believe in big government, big social programs, high taxes, overreaching regulation, and incumbent protection. They don't believe in federalism, the Constitution, or individual freedom.And I forgot to mention arrogant. The members of Congress don't even read what they are voting on. Worse than that they vote on bills before they even exist.And to ice the cake, they are corrupt.