The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has spoken with some Canadians about wait times for health care. This is anecdotal, of course, and you could certainly find stories in the United States that would tear at your heart. For example, Michelle and Barack Obama both tell an intensely personal health scare story involving meningitis and their daughter, Sasha. In fact, they tell two substantially different stories. Both are anecdotal. One can’t be true.

Often, as any normal politicians would, the Obamas arrange for people to show up at their pressers in order to illustrate particularly poignant failures of the health care system in the United States. Several of these have turned out to be on the order of Al Gore’s claim that his mother and his dog took the same arthritis medicine, and his mother was being ripped off. This was not the truth, but Gore said it was for a good cause.

Anecdotes from ordinary people do have their place, though, especially when not promoted and financed by government. Among many other Canadian health care related posts, I have conveyed my own anecdotes, having had 22 years experience with Canada’s system. TOC has also had Canadian guest posts on the topic. This blog is interested.

So when Michigan Taxes Too Much posts Mackinac Center videos of Canadians speaking about their health care, I recommend a look-see. Click the link, but also click the link to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, in the blogroll or at the top of this post. They deserve your attention and support.

1 thought on “Anecdotes”

  1. Appreciate the look see.. This is a big deal, and I commend the Mackinac center for producing the videos. Further, I am always looking forward to your articles on the subject.This congress and administration IMO are criminals, for their blatant disregard for our constitutionally protected choices. There is an uprising on the horizon.. Expect MAJOR turnovers in the next two election cycles.