Would you buy a used plan from this man?

President Obama is considering making a speech prior to September 15th, the most recent deadline he set for the Senate to agree on a bipartisan health care “reform” bill. According to top presidential adviser David Axelrod, the speech would be “more prescriptive” about Obama’s redefinition of health care. I’m sure it will mention his good friend, Senator Kennedy. It shouldn’t, but it will.

What the President should do is resolve the profound differences in his own positions by clearly stating whether he favors a single payer universal care system now, or in the future. He could categorically reject any special interests, including his own deal with big Pharma. He could ask why tort reform has not been on the agenda. He could admit he was overwrought by his own rhetoric of fierce urgency: That demanding such fundamental change in so short a time with so little scrutiny was… yes, delusional. He could apologize for his mistakes. He’s done it often enough on behalf of the whole country, so why not?

The President’s original, urgent deadline for remaking 1/6th of the economy via a 1,000 page bill he outsourced to Nancy Pelosi and that nobody had time to read, much less consider, was “before the August recess.” He felt no need to be prescriptive, or even forthcoming, then. So, NOW he’s going to explain what should have been in the bill he didn’t understand himself, but wanted forced through in July?

Why are we supposed to care now what Obama thinks about health care? He would have been overjoyed if the entire health care system had been remade in the image of Nancy Pelosi’s ideals in July. He would have been quite satisfied if no one had ever read the legislation. In fact, he would have preferred it. So we’re supposed to believe he cares what’s in a future bill? He was willing to hang us out to dry 2 months ago, what’s changed except he’s had some blowback?