Watering the plantation

For Democrats, the definition of astroturfing is: “Any use of any form of communication to disseminate information regarding issues important to public debate. Unless we do it.

Then, it’s Community Organizing. Busing people in, paying them, giving them professionally printed, talking point coordinated signs, VIP entrances and reserved seating is SOP.

Furthermore, no rowdy activity is permissible, unless you are affiliated with CodePink, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Service Employees International Union or By Any Means Necessary, as examples (only). Or if you are paid to show up.”

I have derived this definition from the following evidence:

Aug 6
Nancy and the Astroturfers
Nancy Pelosi lands her Gulfstream in Denver.

The skulkers in the alley are ready to roil.

Aug 11
Astroturf For Hire: Left Does What They Do Best
“[U]rgent grassroots campaigns” are paying “$11-16/hour,” of George Soros’ bucks if you’ll support Obamacare.

Here’s the incentive the President needed to quit worrying about unemployment.

Aug 12
Bus–ted… Obama Bussed In Supporters For New Hampshire Town Hall (Video)
“I don’t want people thinking I just have a bunch of plants in here.” – Barack Obama

Well, maybe it’s not a full-fledged greenhouse, but it’s at least a solarium: Shocker! Little Girl Who Asked Obama Question at New Hampshire Town Hall Was a Plant

Aug 12
And we’ve already mentioned:
BUSTED!: “Obama As Hitler” Poster Was A Democrat/Union Plant At John Dingell Townhall! UPDATED with video interview!
This is the same meeting Dingell later claimed reminded him of Ku Klux Klannishness.

And the White House is doing its best to cement the narrative it gave to the state-run media:
White House Says Anti-ObamaCare Protesters Showing up with Swastikas
and “dressed as Hitler.” I’m waiting for photos from the Hitler look-alike contests to be posted at whitehouse.gov along with the snitch emails they’ve collected via flag@whitehouse.gov.

This shows those protesters have a better memory than I do, I can’t remember where I put my 1940 Wehrmacht grays. It also shows some people working at 1600 Pennsylvania are very, very upset – and/or as dumb as Nancy Pelosi. Prediction, there will be someone employed by some far-left group showing up in a Nazi uniform. It will be the wrong uniform, probably the browns from the Kampfzeit era, and it will have too many insignia.

Aug 13
Obama camp plants fake doc, Che fan at Jackson Lee forum
Sheila Jackson Lee’s town hall in Texas, wherein she gives new meaning to ADD (Absolute Disdain Dementia), and answers a statement (not a question) by a big-time Obama supporter who lies about being a doctor, while the Che Guevara loving Obamabit hovers in the background.

Really, people, it’s time to stop with the Hitler stuff. You over-salted that mine by calling the last president Bushitler for 6 years.

2 thoughts on “Watering the plantation”

  1. The questions:Will the internet prove powerful enough to enable the people to overcome the well-organized, well-financed attempt by the governing class to end a 222 year-old experiment in freedom? And will the people sufficiently exert themselves to do so?One thing for sure. Despite the open complicity of the media, it is not proving as facile as BHO once imagined.