Let us forget

Obama’s Plan to Desecrate 9/11

Sadly, that headline is neither fanatic nor fanciful. RTWT

9/11 is to become the “National Day of Service,” so we will no longer focus on external danger or the 3,000 who died. 9-11 is a past crisis which must be wasted away by Presidential edict.

Despite this attempted revisionism, 9-11 will remain a day of somber reflection, attenuated mourning and thoughts of “never again.” Americans aren’t the dupes Barack Obama and his fringe-left friends imagine them to be. 9-11 is sacred. Attempting to make it a day of celebration of the advent of carbon taxes and ACORN/SEIU/AFL-CIO/FoE/Color of Change organizing is reprehensible.

What’s next, designating December 7th as the “Day of Pan-Oceanic Multiculturalism?”

1 thought on “Let us forget”

  1. Though it took decades, they were successful with desecrating Christmas. Who is to doubt they will be likewise with 9-11?How long before the text books are rewritten? How long before the twin towers join mangers and Santa Claus as forbidden icons?The next time I hear a vacuous “Happy Holidays”, I am inclined to respond “I will never forget”.