Can’t tell left from right

The state-run media are finally catching up with Nancy Pelosi. They’ve started serious raving about Nazi references amongst Obamacare protesters. One way they are demonstrating this connection is by showing images of a black guy at a John Dingell “town hall.” He is shown carrying a very large poster depicting a Hitler mustachioed Obama. However, after the event he was observed to have been handing out Dingell literature.

So, this guy hoisting the Obama as Hitler poster appears to be a Dingell apparatchik willing to engage in incendiary lies in order to smear Obamacare opponents as a group. I wonder how many others have been inspired to make Ms Pelosi’s swastika comment a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It gets better. The poster is stolen directly from LaRouchePAC, the URL is printed at the bottom of the poster. What’s LaRouchePAC? It’s the political action committee of one Lyndon LaRouche, who has run for President 8 times. Once as the U.S Labor Party candidate and seven times for the Democrat nomination. For Democrats, he has not exactly been a fringe candidate. In the 2000 Democrat primaries, LaRouche managed to attract double digit percentages in several states. So, who is he?

LaRouche occupies a spot as one of the top five weirdest far-left US “politicians” ever. Frankly, I am unable to name even one other who is as twisted, but who received 22% of the vote in a Democrat Presidential primary; this is Ramsey Clark territory.

Here is a reasonable overview of the man’s beliefs and activities. To appreciate how deep LaRouche plays left field, you’d have to read the whole thing. If you don’t know who he is, reading it is useful to appreciate that I am not exaggerating.

In sum, then, the state-run press is blathering about “right wing nutjobs,” blaming Rush Limbaugh for Nazi images, and mocking average American citizens concerned about a bill nobody in Congress thinks they need to read… because of a Democrat 5th columnist carrying a poster created by the John Birch of the left.

researched this and he deserves the traffic for doing so. Click that link for pictures and video documenting what I explained above. It is worth doing so.