Bush’s Worst Appointment

This is a tough one. I offer these nominees, while recognizing that some deserving names are omitted.

1. Ben Bernanke as Fed Chairman
2. Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court
3. General Sanchez to command in Iraq
4. Colin Powell as Secretary of State
5. Hank Paulson as Treasury Secretary
6. John Snow as Treasury Secretary
7. Paul Bremer as Administrator in Iraq

A formidable front seven, don’t you agree? Whom gets your vote?

9 thoughts on “Bush’s Worst Appointment”

  1. Mitch,I certainly agree with the argument from damage – and they have done it. What stopped me from picking any of the finance guys is that they are interchangeable and represent backward and forward continuity.

  2. Paladin did say deserving names were omitted, but “Good Job Brownie,” is right at the top of Bush self-inflicted damage; and Minetta did all he could to make transportation security a joke.And what about Tom Ridge, currently cashing in on his Homeland Security appointment – where he was a feeble joke.

  3. 1. Myers for the most ignorant move and ultimately inconsiderate of the value of the post.2. Bernanke was a lazy decision. Perhaps he was “occupied..”3. Paulsen is a turd out of the gate. Cronyism at its best that has left us a major mess that the current Admin will use to pretend none of the troubles are really its fault. BTW.. research what Goldman Sachs is investing in nowadays.. have we not learned?4. Powel was a decent administrator, but was disloyal when it mattered. He has NEVER been a conservative though, but maybe that didnt matter.5. The other two I really have not informed myself well enough to rate..

  4. Norm Minetta was and is a complete buffoon. Thanks for the memory. Interchangeable with Ray LaHood? Close call.Tom Ridge. And just think, MSM had touted him as a V.P. candidate in both 2000 and 2008. Spiro Agnew was smarter and better looking.

  5. I'm not so peeved with Harriet Myers – as Mark Steyn pointed out – the until recently – the Supreme court was filled with “hacks, creeps, and time-wasters” – mostly former politician like Earl Warren, William Taft, etc.. until the elites figured that you needed “intellectuals” to man the courts. So she is a hack, for a lack of a better term – but in many ways I'll take a hack over 99% of law profs in the country.