Some Lansing Independence Day Tea Party images

The picture above, and the video below, are about 20 minutes prior to the official start. Above you can see quite a few people en route in the background. Having taken a shot from the identical position in February, which I counted by hand, I am sure there are at least 500 people here.

We asked 2 State Troopers about the crowd. One said 300, which must have been based on an hour prior. He did say people kept showing up. On our way out another Trooper said 800, which is possible, but I would put the number higher. At least 1,000.

Based on the April 15 crowd of 5,000, it would not surprise me if there were 2,000 today.

Capturing the spirit of the day.

5 thoughts on “Some Lansing Independence Day Tea Party images”

  1. I attended a good gathering in Grand Rapids. So many I met said it was their first “protest”, it was mine too.

  2. First Protests! AWESOME!When we chartered the bus to the April 15th Lansing protest, there were kisd, lil ol ladies etc.. One ol gal “We wont be arrested right?”God Bless her!