Idiot Canadian expats

It is a puzzle why they just don’t take their angst and their millions of US$ and retire to Moosejaw to cement their unique piece of the mosaic instead of continually suffering in Podunk Centerville; all the while complaining that it should be spelled “Centreville” and that melting pots are, you know, passé.

It was never cold, but L.A.’s gold
seemed to trump their sense of self.
So they’d often say, in their hoser way,
that they’d rather live in Guelph.

These rich elite don’t need or know “free” health care, and wouldn’t use it on a bet. But the thought that somewhere someone who actually votes in the same country where he lives may not have the “correct” health care system drives the Canadian expat elite to pine for the land they can return to whenever they want.

Somehow they never do that, but they do feel honor bound to denounce capitalism, without which they would probably have had to experience the system they’d like forced on everyone else. I will note they aren’t generally saying these things from their hacienda in Cuba.

2 thoughts on “Idiot Canadian expats”

  1. It's always funny – it is the biggest defenders of Canadian single payer who have no compulsion about using their rolodexes to jump the queue. Seen it first hand. See, Canada has a de facto three tier health care system: First tier is for those who can afford to go to the US or elsewhere for treatment out of pocket. Second tier is those of have the rolodexes to call the right people to jump them ahead in queue (personally – it helped my father a lot that he did the tax returns on about 1/2 the specialists in my home town). Third tier is everyone else.