Jackson, Michigan – inclusive community, or else

The Jackson Human Relations Commission would like to categorize most Jacksonians as thought criminals.

[T]he Jackson Human Relations Commission, says no person shall be denied equal protection of the law, their civil or political rights or be discriminated against because of “actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, height, weight, condition of pregnancy, marital status, physical or mental limitation, source of income, family responsibilities or status, educational association, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or HIV status.”

HRC Chairwoman Kathleen Conley said if the City Council approves the ordinance it would send a message that Jackson is an open, inclusive community.

And, doubt not, it does send a message that the city has used taxpayer funds to deputize a snarl of moral relativists who are dedicated to making sure everybody else’s brain perceives precisely as does theirs. And I mean that collectively.

I will be sure to keep a handle on my perceptions while in the vicinity of Jackson, an occurrence now likely to be less frequent. One never knows if a frown directed at a dope dealer might be construed as expressing the perception that the man’s source of income deserves approbation, or that a sniff of irritation directed at a pedophile might be taken as disapproval of the woman’s sexual orientation, or that outright criticism of a person I perceive to be a Papist might invite Ms Conley’s moral indignation. I mean, “What was I thinking!?”

If this is too subtle, think of it this way. When Perez Hilton went all moonbat about Carrie Prejean’s answer to the question of how she felt about gay marriage, which of them would be charged under the Jackson Human Relations Commission’s proposed ordinance? Hint, While Ms Prejean’s civil answer was exactly the same as our President’s answer, Hilton called her names. Carrie Prejean is perceived as the offender by people like Kathleen Conley. We can’t even ask, without risking charges under the proposed ordinance, what business this dissipated poofter has judging female pulchritude in the first place. See? There I go perceiving again, and I’m quite sure I perceive Ms Prejean differently than does Mr. Hilton.

This is precisely the kind of ordinance one might expect to win government approval in Berkeley, California. Let us hope that the city where the Republican party was founded can resist the invitation to squishy mindedness they have extended to themselves by appointing a useless collective of neo-puritans with too much time on their hands.

Kathleen Conley says she is “.. kind of excited. I’m just waiting to see what happens next.”

Me too.

H/T J. Taranto

7 thoughts on “Jackson, Michigan – inclusive community, or else”

  1. I am excited about the part whereby I cannot be discriminated against because of my physical or mental limitations.I have always wanted to be a defensive back, but have been denied due to my 100 meter time of 14.1 seconds. It is probably too late for that now, since I am no longer in high school. But it reassuring to know that my inability to swim will not keep me from a lifeguard job this summer.

  2. “Condition of pregnancy?” So does that mean that in-laws who pester a young couple about “when are you going to give us grandkids?” can be busted by the Jackson Thought Police?

  3. Well, I’ve had my wife say about some acquaintance on a few occasions, “I wonder if she’s pregnant?” Not only is there already social conditioning against asking this question – in case “she” isn’t – but it would be a clear expression of a disallowed perception. Why couldn’t you be busted for it on three counts? First, the pregnancy question, second the sexual orientation issue and third, weight. The last being your initial perception for suspecting pregnancy.

  4. Wow, lots of eggshells to walk on. Take me back to the 60's. Way too much PC for me. “Coercive diversity”….. a thought provoker.

  5. It is too funny that all of these people commented on this proposed ordinance so wrongly! You don't understand it at all because you have never read it..get a life!