The 5,000 – Michigan Tea Party

Updated and bumped. The LSJ reports 5,000 in its headline.

The Michigan State Police estimate that there were four thousand nearly five thousand people at today’s Tea Party in Lansing. At noon. On a work day.

I was impressed by the energy – USA! USA! USA! – and heartened by the diversity of thought expressed in signs people carried. Runaway spending was the symptom criticized most often, but many recognize that expansion of the general government is the real problem.

I’ve got more to say about this movement and what I hope will come from it, but for now, here are a few pictures:

Yes, Read and Uphold our Constitution.

Taken from the 5th story of a parking structure
a block away on the widest angle setting of my camera.
I couldn’t get the whole crowd in even then.

Nice costume.

I’m buried in the crowd. There were just so many people.

Enjoying the day.

For more, check out Right Michigan, Michigan Taxes Too Much and OutsideLansing. The proprietors all were there. I’m certain they’ll have more pictures and some thoughts worth reading.

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  1. Mr. H…So glad to see you there. A pleasure. The picture from on high sure turned out nice.. Glad you were able to get it. Awesome. Glad you got a chance to hook up with Nick and Chetly too. You guys rock!LOL now after a couple of them.. I am so tired…