Jan-2004. Click to enlarge.

This is just one of many criticisms of George Bush’s wild spending I’ve made.

This is just one answer to speeches questions like, “Well, (chortle) where were your teabagger (giggle) protests when Boosh was ravaging the economy with his war-mongering spending and lack of (tee-hee) regulation? Huh? Huh? It’s his fault. What’s this have to do with taxes, teabagger (snicker)?”

These are diatribes questions you can pose only when you insist the words “Hitler” and/or “Chimp” are required to validate criticism of our last President. You also must be willing to believe that if Bush had proposed quintupling his excesses with a carbon tax, nationalization of health care, the banks and the auto industry, that there would have been no objection.

I’ve been principled, which is far more than the vast majority of Obama supporters can say. I criticized Bush’s profligacy, and I criticize Obama’s fiscal insanity.